As TechCrunch covered, in November 2018, Linkedin decided to cut off emails address exports, so if you try to download your data from the “Privacy” section, you will notice that in the result file there are no emails, only an empty column 🙁

Fortunately, there are external tools like SalesQL which allows you to download full Linkedin connections including emails and other interesting attributes, something highly recommended if you are a recruiter or if you use Linkedin for generating sales leads.

To download your Linkedin connections with emails, you have to follow these steps:

1- Make sure to create a SalesQL account (it’s free) and install the SalesQL extension

2- Search for people who are your first degree connections (direct connections):

3- Click on the SalesQL extension icon and click on “Add all” (this will process the whole page):

4- After some seconds, SalesQL will start extracting personal and business emails from your direct connections:

We recommend downloading 10 or 15 pages per day, to avoid any issue with Linkedin as this is a normal account usage.

Now you should have all the information in your SalesQL dashboard:

From the dashboard, you can export your connections data to a CSV file including personal and business emails:

Something interesting about SalesQL: it has a built-in email classifier, so when you are exporting your contacts to a CSV file, you can decide if you prefer personal or business emails first:

Finally, I want to clarify that you can use SalesQL to extract emails from almost any Linkedin contact, no matters if it’s a first connection or not.

I hope you like this post and please let me know if you have any questions 😀