Sometimes it happens we are exchanging emails with a person and we don’t know how to quickly find her Linkedin profile.

We search for her name in Google and there are 19 people with the same name:

So there is a super interesting trick to quickly reveal who is the person behind an email address:

First I have to clarify that you don’t need a Linkedin Sales Navigator account, it works with your regular Linkedin account.

1- Install the Google Chrome extension “LinkedIn Sales Navigator” (I repeat: you don’t need a Sales Navigator subscription).

2- Enter to your Linkedin profile to make sure the extension is connected with your account.

3- Go to Gmail and enter to any received email, you can just write an email to yourself

4- Click on “Reply” and copy the emails into the “To:” box.

5- Hover your cursor over the email you want to identify the Linkedin profile:

Hovering the mouse over the email reveal his Linkedin profile

… and BOOM, in your right screen, you can see his Linkedin details and enter to his profile URL.

This works with any email: personal and business emails:

Hovering the mouse over the email reveal her Linkedin profile

So now you can engage more with your recipients in seconds and send Linkedin invitations without leaving Gmail.

Finally, if you want to do the opposite: get the email behind a Linkedin profile, you can always use SalesQL for free:

SalesQL reveal personal and business emails behind a Linkedin profile

Leave a comment if you know other interesting tips and tricks to find the person behind an email address 🙂