The new contact list is here 🎉

This week we have "switched on by default" the new contact list in the SalesQL Dashboard:

This new UI, completely built from scratch, is the result of weeks of work looking at the most used features of our previous contact list, and hearing all the feedback our users are sending.

The new contact list is faster, lightweight, customisable and full of new features.

More filters

Filtering contacts by the date range you have added from LinkedIn, or by specific fields as the "job function" is now easier than never.

Custom views

You can now edit what columns do you prefer to see and in which order. Sorting the data on multiple fields is also possible from a unified dropdown.


You can now add notes to any contact with a couple of clicks directly from the contact list.

Bulk actions

Performing actions on multiple contacts is now faster, with the ability of "bulk select" thousands of contacts with one click, something you have been asking for a while.

There is a lot more coming to the contact list 😄

As always, SalesQL is a work in progress, we try to release new versions every week and iterate to continue delivering a product that is easy to use but powerful for more advanced users.

And... we have a new logo!

Finally but not less important, for those who didn't notice, we have been slowly introducing a new logo that is now part of our new UI:

You will see that these new colours and styling have to do with our new branding.

Let us know what do you want to see next

We hope these new introductions improve your experience with SalesQL and we want to let you know that we are always open to new requests and suggestions to continue iterating and releasing more useful features.

Happy prospecting!