Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge credits per email or per profile?

We charge 1 credit per profile if we are able to find at least one valid email, otherwise we do not charge any credit. If a profile has several emails, we only charge 1 credit.

What happens if I add the same person twice?

Our system automatically detects it and you are not charged again, also profiles are not duplicated, the system will automatically update the profile data if necessary.

Are your emails accurate?

Yes, we verify the 100% of the emails to make sure they are deliverable and updated, so you don't get any bounce.

What percentage of emails are you able to find?

Normally we are able to find valid emails in 70%-80% of the profiles depending on the profile details, industry, geographic region, etc.

What percentage of phone numbers are you able to find?

As a global average, we are able to retrieve company phones in roughly 50-60% of the profiles and personal phones in 10%-20% of the profiles. This always depends a lot on your target industry and it is constantly improving.

Can I delete profiles to save up credits?

No, credits are charged when we find, classify and validate emails.

Do I need to add profiles from Linkedin?

Yes, the application only allows you to add profiles from Linkedin using the SalesQL extension, we do not offer any internal prospector system.

Where the data comes from?

SalesQL parses and verifies public web data on demand to help business connect with relevant professionals, for more information please check our Privacy Policy.

Can I upload my own data?

Not yet, we are working to allow you to upload and enrich your own data.

How can I cancel or change my monthly subscription?

You can cancel, upgrade or downgrade your account anytime. If you upgrade or downgrade your account you will keep your current credits.

Will my unused credits roll over?

On a monthly plan, we provide new credits at the beginning of every monthly cycle and unused credits will not roll over.