Is there any good Chrome extension to get LinkedIn emails for free?

There are plenty of tools out there, but only a few offer a good quantity of credits to get started.

So today we are going to do a quick review of the best free LinkedIn email finders.

  1. FindThatLead
  2. Skrapp
  3. Snov
  4. SalesQL
  5. Conclusion

I’m going to find emails and import the profile of the famous Tyler Winklevoss:

Tyler Winklevoss Linkedin

FindThatLead (50 free credits per month)

Our first option, FindThatLead only provides one valid email:

FindThatLead extension

They only provide one business email per Linkedin profile, they do not include personal emails and the Lead/Contact manager is pretty basic:

FindThatLead Dashboard

You can only see the name, domain and email from this prospect.

FindThatLead is more specialised in other use cases: Bulk search by domain, simple email campaigns, etc, where the info retrieved is more basic and sometimes it is not validated.

Skrapp (150 free credits per month)

Skrapp also only found one email for this prospect, and it says its 75% accurate.

Skrapp Extension

It only finds one business email per profile, it doesn’t provide any personal email, but the Contact Manager is good:

Skrapp dashboard

You can see more details about the profile and the company he works for, organize contacts into lists, search, etc.

Snov (50 free credits per month)

Snov results are a lot better, they are able to identify that Tyler works for two companies at the same time, and retrieve both emails:

Snovio Extension

however, it does not provide any personal emails.

Their Contact Manager is very good, it fetches a lot more information including skills, past experience, and social networks, and let you manage contacts into lists:

Snov Dashboard

Snov also includes the ability of create custom drip emails campaigns.

SalesQL (100 free credits per month)

SalesQL provides the best quantity and quality of results, as you can see it provides all business emails and also Tyler’s personal email. It has a built-in email classifier providing the type of email you are seeing (personal, main job, etc).

SalesQL the best email finder

It has a great Contact Manager, including all the details of the person (past experience, skills), and the company, social networks, etc. In addition offers the ability to save and organise contacts into lists, custom views, etc:

SalesQL Dashboard


I think the best choice depends on the type of activity you are performing:

If you are recruiting candidates in LinkedIn, the best free tool out there is SalesQL. Its the only tool providing personal emails and email classification with 100 free credits, which is extremely valuable when sourcing talent.

If you are selling to LinkedIn prospects, Skrapp, Snov, and SalesQL are all good options for finding business emails and creating personalised campaigns based on rich profile attributes. From these options, SalesQL seems to deliver more results.

Finally, FindThatLead could be a useful tool if you are just bulk searching emails from domains, which is their specialisation.

What do you think about these tools? Is anything missing from the list?

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