Install SalesQL's extension manually in Chrome.

Attention, You must have to remove your current version of the extension first.

Make sure to remove the current version of the extension. Right-click on the extension's icon and then click "Remove from Chrome".

1. Download the extension

Click to download the latest version ( Version 4.2.0 )
Download Now

2. Unpack the file

You can do it anywhere on your computer. In mac, double click on the zip file. If you are using Windows, you can unpack the file using Winrar.

3. Go to extension manager

Click on the extensions icon (puzzle) on the top of your Chrome window, then click on "Manage Extensions".

4. Activate developer mode

Go to the top right of the extensions manager page and click on "Developer Mode" to activate it.

5. Load the unpacked folder

Click on "Load unpacked" and select the folder you previously unzipped. Keep the folder in that directory because if you delete it, the extension will not work.